Bravecto Spot-On for Cats – 3 Monthly




Bravecto spot-on is for cats from 11 weeks of age and from 1.2kg bodyweight.

Treating with Bravecto kills the fleas present on your cat at the time of treatment, and continues to kill any new fleas that land on them for a full 3 months. No other spot-on lasts longer from one dose. Forget monthly treatments and choose Bravecto for cats, one single dose that lasts 3 times longer with 3 months flea and tick protection.

Bravecto spot-on for cats provides:

– Long lasting, 3 month flea and tick protection, in a convenient spot-on

– Easy – a year’s protection in only 4 treatments

– Part of a treatment strategy to control Flea Allergic Dermatitis (FAD)