Bravecto Spot-On for Dogs – 6 Monthly




Bravecto is available as a spot-on flea and tick treatment for dogs

Providing 6 months protection and 4 months tick protection.

For the control of flea and tick infestations on dogs for

– Immediate and persistent flea killing activity for 6 months, and

– Immediate and persistent tick killing activity for 4 months

– Treatment and control of Otodecectes and Saracoptes mites

– Safe for use in MDR1 breeds, breeding, pregnant and lactacting dogs

– Controls immature stages of fleas and immature tick stages

– Part of a treatment strategy for the control of flea allergy dermatitis

– Highly effective against fipronil resistant fleas

– Indirectly reduces tapeworm infection

Apply directly on the skin at the back of the dog’s neck