It’s always difficult to talk about money, but unfortunately veterinary care is expensive as we are not government funded, so we want you to be prepared and not have any surprises.

We will provide you with cost estimates for every procedure we recommend for your pet and keep you updated as their treatment progresses.

Payment for our veterinary services is expected at the time. We accept cash, cheques, Visa, Mastercard, Q-Card and Genoapay.

We are able to make arrangements for our clients to access finance through either Q-card or Genoapay. They offer affordable financial solutions for pet owners for all manner of medical costs. Applications can be made online, before your consultation, or in-clinic.

Please raise any concerns you have about the costs of your pet’s care before we proceed with treatment. We can discuss all your options, both in terms of different options for your pet’s care and all the options available for payment.


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