Horse products

We carry a range of horse products. What we dont have we can get in for you promptly.

Lameness examination and treatment

This can include xrays


Tetanus and Strangles vaccination programmes are computerised so we will contact you before your horse is due.

Parasite control

Faecal egg counts are done in-house and can tell you how effective your current drench progamme is, and if your horse need worming.

We stock a range of horse drenches and provide sound advice with their use.

Facial Eczema surveillance

We monitor Facial eczema spore counts through the season on a number of farms and report locally through newsletters and the local paper. You are most welcome to supply grass samples from your farm. We also stock facial eczema preventative products and offer advice on preventative programmes

Farm staff training

We are able to help train staff on fundamental animal handling and treatment procedures eg lameness examination, calving technique, practical mastitis procedures.

Dairy NZ InCalf programme

Lloyd is a trained InCalf adviser and is able to assist you in improving the reproductive performance of your herd through the Dairy NZ InCalf programme.

Young stock management

Should you require assistance in managing and growing your young stock, our technician is able to regularly weigh your stock (and drench if required), provide target weight comparison graphs and timely advice to help ensure your goals are achieved.

Animal Health plans

We are happy to sit down with you and customise an animal health plan for your farm. This can include key management dates, parasite control, reproduction plan, vaccinations, trace elements, weighing and monitoring.The plan should be reviewed annually.

Mastitis management services

If you are having trouble with mastitis, somatic cell counts or grading problems, we are able to help solve these problems – whether it be cow or machine issues .

Our team provide a grade busting service where immediate action is needed to correct a problem.

A plan for the next season’s mastitis management is discussed at your annual Dry cow / PAR consultation.

Trace element analysis

Whether you need blood or liver samples, pasture or feed analysis, we are able to undertake these tests with the support of NZ Vet Pathology and provide you a specific trace element plan for your farm.

Reproductive management

We can plan and implement a variety of reproductive programmes for your Dairy and Beef cattle.
Pregnancy testing done by Ultrasound scanner or manual palpation. Accurate foetal aging can be done from 5 to 12 weeks post mating.
We are also able to fertility test your service bulls.

Vaccination programmes

Our vaccination programmes are computerised so you will be contacted and reminded prior to vaccination dates each year. our programmes include; Leptospirosis, Clostridials, BVD, Rotavirus, Toxplasmosis, Campylobacteriosis.

Parasite control

We provide sound advice and products for control of both internal and external parasites, and can do faecal egg counts in-house for your sheep , cattle , horses and goats.  We are happy to sit down with you and provide a customised parasite management plan for your farm.

24 HOUR Emergency

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for after hours emergencies.  If your pet has an accident or needs emergency care after hours, please call us on our normal clinic number  (09) 408 2838.  Your call will be put through to our after hours answering service who will contact the duty vet.

Send us a message.

24hr Emergency Service
Call: 09 408 2VET (838)