24 HOUR Emergency

We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week for after hours emergencies.  If your pet has an accident or needs urgent medical care after hours, please call us on our normal clinic number  (09) 408 2838.  Your call will be put straight through to our on call vet.


Horse drenches
Generally we recommend twice a year drenching in early spring and late summer. If in doubt, we can
perform faecal egg count (FEC) to check for worm burden. Usually, we recommend to drench horses
with an egg count per gram over 200.


Horse vaccination
We highly recommend tetanus vaccine for all horses. Two vaccinations are given 4 weeks apart,
from 3 months of age. A third vaccination is given at no more than 1 year from 2 nd vaccination. This
results in long lasting immunity and boosters should be given at least once every 3-5 years.
If your horse with unknown vaccination history suffers from an injury, we can administer a toxoid
which can give a 2-week cover. We recommend starting vaccination at this point for future risks.
Strangles vaccine should also be considered for competitive horses. Please enquire about the
programme with one of our vets if this applies to you.


Horse products
We stock a good range of veterinary products for your horse ranging from skin care to oral
medications. What we don’t have we will endeavour to source it for you.

Facial Eczema surveillance

We monitor facial eczema spore counts during the high risk period and report these through
Gribbles website. This can give you an indication of the trends in the region. However. Study had
shown huge variability in spore counts between farms of the same area. Therefore, we highly
encourage each farm to submit samples weekly to determine the needs to start preventative
programmes. Please note that this is a ‘tip of the iceberg’ disease where there is a much larger
subclinical loss beneath the one or two sick ones.

Farm staff training

We are able to train you and your workers to administer local anaesthetic injections as required by
welfare law. We can also help train staff on fundamental animal handling and treatment procedures
such as RMT test, dry cow treatment, lameness examination, calving techniques etc.

Animal Health plans

We believe ‘prevention is the best medicine’. We can tailor make an annual health program to suit
your farm. This will include but not limited to: drenching, vaccination, trace element
supplementation, body condition score, reproductive plan and stock weighing dates. We can also
help you set targets in line with your goals and review it annually.

Mastitis management services

If you are having trouble with mastitis, somatic cell counts or grading problems, we are here to help,
whether it be cow or mechanical causes. We offer a comprehensive review of your mastitis
management at the annual dry cow/PAR consultation.

Trace element analysis

A routine trace element testing is crucial in ensuring optimum health and to prevent metabolic
disease. We can recommend a specific trace element analysis and treatment plan (if needed) for
your farm.

Reproductive management

Struggling with long calving spread? Cows not coming on heat? We have the right knowledge and
tools to help.
We can provide:
– Repro performance consulting
– Tailor make CIDR programs both for synchronisation and treat non-cyclers
– Pregnancy testing including aging for cows 5-12 weeks post mating.
– Fertility test service bulls.

Vaccination programmes

We provide vaccination service and advice in face of outbreaks. We can set up reminders for routine
vaccinations like: leptospirosis, clostridials, BVD, rotavirus, toxoplasma and campylobacter.

Parasite control

We can provide:
– Sound advice and products for managing parasites
– Routine faecal egg counts
– Drench checks
– Larval culture.
– Faecal egg count reduction test

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24hr Emergency Service
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